Last August I moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to London, England. With this move I was bringing to an end the long-distance part of my two-year long-distance relationship with my British boyfriend, Jon. What became very clear is that while I was ending the long-distance relationship I had with my boyfriend I was just starting one with everyone else in my life.

This move came about a year after I graduated from college. If Lena Dunham’s show Girls has taught me anything it’s that this is already a difficult time in life for finding your voice (well, except of course, for Lena Dunham). Leaving behind my friends, family, and job at an architecture firm, I was afraid that I was in danger of also leaving behind my identity.

With this blog I hope to find a new way of sharing my experiences, exploring my interests, and experimenting with my creativity. I’ve started by brainstorming a list of all the things that I might be interested in writing a blog post about, which includes podcasts I like, ballroom dancing, and movie plot-holes that bother me. That’s just a teaser to some of the exciting things you have to look forward to, dear reader.


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